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NeoTop has identified 3 main areas where the TopUp Ball System can create economic value and reduce risk for the poultry growing industry:



The TopUp Ball System eliminates the major bio-security risk of native birds on farm reservoirs. According to the National Water Biosecurity Manual - Poultry Production produced by the Federal Department of Agriculture one of "the most common deficiencies seen in water sanitation are from open water storage systems” and  "The highest risk of contamination is associated with the use of surface water (including bore water stored in dams), particularly surface waters that provide habitat for waterfowl.”


The only sustainable and effective bird deterrent to improve bio-security is to cover open water surfaces. Shooting birds is often illegal, only has a very temporary impact and must be kept up continuously with a high cost in human resources, time and organisation. Nets are also problematic as the waterfowl get caught in the nets.


The TopUp Ball System has been approved as a bird deterrent by the Israeli Air force and the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority. Installing the TopUp Ball System would entirely prevent waterfowl being attracted to poultry farm water storages and hence eradicate this major risk of contamination of the water source and direct contamination of nearby poultry sheds.


Water Cooling:

The TopUp Ball System contributes to significant improvements in poultry yields by providing up to 10ºC cooler drinking water to broilers during hot weather. According to the much referenced research paper "Drinking Water Temperature and Potassium Chloride Supplementation Effects on Broiler Body Temperature and Performance During Heat Stress” by Beker and Teeter (1994), supply of cooler drinking water to broilers during hot weather is highly beneficial.


The paper found that drinking water acts a heat sink for the broilers and its effectiveness as a heat sink was related to the difference between the broiler body temperature (~42ºC) and the water temperature.


Independent testing of the TopUp Ball System found that the TopUp Ball System reduced pool bottom water temperatures by up to 10ºC in hot weather vs an identical uncovered pool.



The TopUp Ball System delivers more, higher quality water from water licenses by substantially reducing evaporation. It is also important to note that water that has been protected from evaporation is of higher quality than water exposed to evaporation because it is the pure water that evaporates away leaving behind high percentages of dissolved salts and solid suspended matter.

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