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The TopUp Ball System can be used to address a wide-range of problems related to open water reservoirs. Click below to see examples of our solutions in action:



Sorek Desalination Plant (2016)

The Sorek desalination located about 15km south of Tel Aviv has a seawater treatment capacity of 624,000m³/day, which makes it the world's biggest seawater desalination plant.

NeoTop installed around 10,000 balls in a shallow pool of water. The aim of the installation was to help reduce algae growth.

Tze'elim Site (2012)

After Installation
Up Close
Holding Pool


Dor Experimental Farm (2015)

Dr. Ayana Benet Perelberg has performed detailed tests of the effects of the TopUp Ball System on aquaculture for carp and tilapia compared to open water and nets in 7 pools

at the Dor Experimental Farm of the Israeli Ministry of

Agriculture from December 2015.

Even with only 30% coverage, the balls were:

- More effective than netting in keeping fish alive and increased survival rate for all fish against birds.

- Cooled the temperature of the water significantly. We are currently measuring the success rate of the balls for fish that need cooler temps.

- 20% less than of the cost of netting over the long term.

Run by our business partner, Mekerot, Israel's National Water Company. Tze'elim is an operational reservoir using recycled water. TopUp Balls have been in use for over 9 years now, and there has been a significant reduction in algae presence and the need for water filtration.

Tze'elim Site
Tze'elim Site
Tze'elim Site

Maoz Haim (2015)

A large and intensive operational commercial fish farm. Used to measure how TopUp Balls work with fish farming technology.  

Dor Farm
Dor Farm
Dor Farm
Maoz Haim

Eilat - Coral Protection Pilot (2016)

In November 2016 a pilot was performed with The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat  to assess the capability of the TopUp Ball System to protect the coral reef in the Red Sea. 



Mekorot Testing

Mekorot (The Israel National Water Company) has performed comprehensive testing on our TopUp Ball System to measure evaporation and algae. 


To perform the tests two equal reservoirs of 0.13 Ha were built, one was covered with the TopUp Ball System and the other was left uncovered. In September 2014, Mekorot added fish to both pools and started to change the water in the reservoirs to simulate the conditions of operational reservoirs.

The results of the tests were exceptional.

Eshcol Site
Eshcol Site

For more information on the

Mekerot Test Results:

American Water

In July 2016, the TopUp Ball System was installed on an American Water reservoir in Monterey California.

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