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NeoTop has identified two main areas where the TopUp Ball System can create economic value and reduce risk for the cattle industry:


Water Security:

Lengthy periods of substantially below average rainfall combined with high evaporation rates can empty a dam at over 2 meters a year. In a typical situation, most of the water in a dam is lost to evaporation rather than stock drinking requirements.


However over the Oct-Mar period in drought conditions the combined evaporation of 1050kL (1500mm) and hot weather water requirements of same 25 head of cattle of 350kL (75L per animal per day) will use that 1400kL in 6 months. 75% of the water will be lost to evaporation rather than drunk by cattle.
Over the Mar-Feb period in drought conditions (50% of average rainfall) the water may last up to a year.


With TopUp Balls that same 1400kL of water will last the full 3 years, even with 50% below average rainfall each year.
This is because TopUp Balls reduce evaporation from over 2000mm to around 300mm per year (85% reduction). 300mm is equal to 50% below average rainfall so there is no net loss of water even in serious drought years.
The whole 1400kL is drunk by cattle and there is no net loss of water from evaporation combined with 50% below average rainfall.


TopUp Balls will make dam water last 3-6 times longer thus dramatically reducing the risk of drought causing empty dams. If there is a 1 in 3 risk of 12 months of 50% below average rainfall then there is a 1 in 27 risk of 36 months of 50% below average rainfall. Thus TopUp Balls reduce the risk of empty dams by almost 90%.


Water Quality:

Water quality can seriously impact cattle and stock. TopUp Balls help to improve water quality substantially. In the summer, the balls can reduce water temperature by up 10C in summer. Animals prefer cooler water, it helps to cool their body temperature and helps them eat more, thus improving growth rates.


The TopUp Ball also reduces water salinity. High salinity from evaporation can make water undrinkable and increase summer consumption while decreasing appetite.  The balls also prevent algae growth in water - algae can make water unpalatable for stock.

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